Tias Jungle

Kuta, Lombok

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer

Graciella Stefanie

Design Team


Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


Putu Yoga Dananjaya

Structure Consultant


MEP Consultant

Wikenz Studio Design


KOMA Visualization


Lombok Villa Photographer

Lombok is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that is developing and is attractive for local and foreign investors after Bali. It is not surprising that the demand for accommodation facilities is also increasing. One of them is TM Jungle in Kuta, Lombok, more commonly known as Villa Mawi.

Unlike other villas in general, TM Jungle is for couples or those who are on vacation alone. Therefore, the division of the room was simple. The ground floor is an open living area consisting of a kitchen, dining and living room, and a bathroom. Then, the mezzanine floor is used for the bedroom, and the reading area as well. In addition, each unit has a beautiful private garden and pool.

In this compact area, Villa Mawi is designed to still feel lush and tropical. Each unit is enclosed by a massive low wall of natural stone to protect the privacy of each guest. Then, we designed TM Jungle as an open building on all three sides. Each side is designed with glass-dominated openings and can be opened wide. Uniquely, the front of the villa unit is designed with a window without a partition. So, when it is opened, we can enjoy the green trees and private pool without any obstacles. The cool breeze and warm sunlight can flow freely in the room. Moreover, the interior area is also designed without a partition. This allows for no boundaries between those on the ground floor and the mezzanine. Coupled with the presence of green trees surrounding the unit, Villa Mawi is present as a place to stay that is seamless between indoors and outdoors. Even the bathroom is designed semi-outdoor which is directly adjacent to the garden.

Therefore, it is not surprising that each TM Jungle unit still feels spacious even though it is located in a compact area.

In addition, an overall impression also emerges from the high ceiling we designed according to the client’s request. At the same time, the application of the exposed high ceiling in the building also makes Villa Mawi have a small but high roof. Interestingly, this does not make the mass of the villa look disproportionate. On the other hand, the roof shape makes each unit present with a unique and different appearance. Then, we also used reeds as a ceiling to add a tropical impression to TM Jungle.

As for the structure of the building, we chose steel as the main material. This selection is based on the client’s request who wants a fast construction process. After that, we covered the material with wood to keep it in harmony with the tropical ideas. In line with the open concept, we also do not cover the entire front and back of the roof. We leave it to be partially closed to maintain guest privacy. Then some others are left open so that cross-ventilation in the room run well.

Then, we also combined light brown colors from wood, reeds, and white dominance on the walls so that the atmosphere of the villa feels warmer. In addition, this combination also makes guests not feel confined or cramped when they are in the villa.