Concept, Context, Content.

Arkana Architects is a collective group of brilliant and open-minded architects that are constantly creating out-of-the-box perspectives for property’s master planning, architecture and landscaping with the sole purpose of bringing dreamy visualization to life. Situated right at the heart of Bali’s most vibrant area, Arkana Architects is present to put a whole new definition of architecture and landscape. Having cultivated our distinctive modern tropical architecture with Balinese-influenced landscape, Arkana Architects has always prioritized a collaborative system that offers the benefit of being ready at all times to serve Clients from all over the continents. Our passionate architects understand that it takes combining thoughts to create the most joyful result for all parties involved. Therefore, our clients’ perspectives and opinions are what matter most when it comes to scoring the perfect end product.


Established in 2016, Arkana Architect offers endless creativity to put your commercial properties on par, if not above the market dynamic, no matter where the properties are located. Whether it’s a resort, villa, hotel, residential or other commercial property, our goal remains the same, to create the most exquisite haven for the property’s owner or the stayers to sip their Piña colada by combining all ideas with no falseness when it comes to execution. Our sacred vow is to walk hand-in-hand with the clients until we see the smile of happiness, realizing the property will be what they have always dreamed of.



Arkana Architect has been trusted by a number of illustrious private villas in Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, Tanzania, Malaysia, Maldives and continuously spreading globally to create a master planning that goes beyond the word “masterpiece.” Our resourceful architects are tirelessly bringing the friendliest working environment for the clients to maintain the best relationship that lasts long after the design is wrapped and done. With that said, our specialities basically consist of three main aspects.


How do we define architecture? We believe that creating the finest architecture requires a sterling sense of artistry and combining it with a vision of how a property should be developed. We also aim to constantly create a space that’s timeless with age. Together, we will achieve our common goal and present the property that you truly desire, and we’ll walk with you in every step of the design process to supervising the construction development.


This is an essential element of our service as it puts together every spatial sketch and a big picture of the project area to be built. A master plan is a necessary part of a project, especially for villa compounds, resorts, or hotels that will be built on large land scales.


Our landscape service is the aspect that puts your architecture plan to a whole new level. Living in Bali for as long as we are, gives us the benefit of understanding what tropical nuance should be. We are also closely related to nature, and we intend to share our glorious climate and pour it into your landscaping by providing a varied choice of plants for each benefit, the layout, and the use of hardscape in the most effective way.

“Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music.” – Goethe

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