Arkana Architects is Bali architect that is well-known among the architect Bali community. Our company of architecture studio Bali was established in 2015 and is still strong because of our Bali design that everyone is favorable of. The Bali architecture keeps growing and developing as time pass by, just like us who loves to keep developing Balinese architecture and integrate it with modern style. We know everyone who searches for Bali architecture firms wants to bring Bali style to their properties. In Bahasa, we call it Bali desain for the tropical yet modern style architecture.
Arkana Architects, as an architecture firms in Bali, always put local material and local products to bring the uniqueness of the property to the fullness. We are full of young and talented Bali architect who always passionate in designing architecture, whether it is villa, residential, or even commercial property. Things that make us different from any other the architect Bali company is we put forward and make a collaboration between the architects and clients vision. We just want to make sure that you have the right choice on choosing which architecture studio Bali to build your dream house, villa or even restaurant with the perfect Bali design.

Desa Hay
J House
ES House
TM Jungle
TM Villa
NOAA Social Dining
Zanzibar House