ER House

Badung, Bali

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer

Glenizza Iruka

Design Team


Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


I Putu Oka Sutapa

Structure Consultant


MEP Consultant

I Wayan Kawiana


KOMA Visualization


Indra Wiras

ER House is a perfect representation of tropical-modern residential architecture from Arkana Architects. It has a modern clean look with natural materials, also indoor and outdoor spaces are in perfect harmony.

Located in Badung, Bali, ER House is our clients’ family house who has lived in Singapore for a long time. Therefore, we also tried to apply a Singaporean touch to this 586 square meter land. If in Singapore it is very difficult to have a large area for green space, so we provide as much outdoor space as possible for our clients at ER House. That’s why the building mass is split into two. At the front site for the service area and garage. Meantime, the main building is located in the back.

In addition, those two masses are bound by an open courtyard as a natural focal point. All spaces are naturally directed inwards. Combined with a large rectangular swimming pool, this garden is not only a green area but also used for many activities that can bind all building users. It becomes an interesting living space! Not only that, the two building masses are connected by a passageway on the left side of the site as a circulation route. The U-shaped arrangement of the building mass keeps our clients’ privacy well maintained. In addition, the existence of the front building mass can also reduce noise from the road.

When entering the ER House area, we will pass a stacked stone fence combined with wood. When entering the service building, we will be treated to a beautiful garden with surrounding walls and a rich tapestry of vegetation. From this point of view, we can see the garden, the swimming pool, and the main building at the same time. Afterward, heading to the main building, we pass through a hallway that uses a combination of stone, wood, and patterned tiles. Furthermore, this area also has black lines to keep it feeling modern. The dominating horizontal lines further strengthen the modern concept. Horizontal lines also add to the impression of spaciousness and continuity between the architectural structure and the interior of the building.

The main building of the ER House itself consists of three floors. The first floor is an open living, kitchen, dining room, powder room, and storage area. On the second floor, there is a master bedroom and two
standard bedrooms. Meanwhile, the top floor becomes a bar area and powder room as well. The tropical-modern concept is also carried over to the design of each room. The use of natural materials with a modern clean look keeps the interior of ER House in line with the exterior of the building.

Interestingly, when viewed from the side of the main building, the inhabitants will also have a view that is no less beautiful. Residents can enjoy the garden freely without the disturbance of road crowds because it is closed by a service building. Moreover, the wall facing the garden area is deliberately added with green plants to beautify the inner courtyard.

The combination of the environment, the aesthetics, and the spatial make this ER House become a tropical-modern masterpiece in Bali.