Tiga Resort

Krui, West Lampung

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer


Design Team

Putra Sastrawan, Vincentius Nicko

Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


Made Suastika

Structure Consultant


MEP Consultant

AMEP Design


KOMA Visualization



Located in Krui, West Lampung, Tiga Resort is expected to be the largest pioneer hospitality resort in the area. The beautiful beach waves in Krui turned out to be the main attraction for foreign tourists to surf here, especially for our client who is a surfer and has lived in this region. Therefore, the main activity at Tiga Resort is surf camp – everything about surf and surfer activities. Instead of relishing in the natural view like the beach, forest, and ricefields, there are also interesting visual and spatial elements to explore in Tiga Resort.

Tiga Resorts consist of 10 units of compounds. Six units have one bedroom, and the others have two bedrooms. Besides that, there is also a presidential suite which is located in the middle of the site. Then, they come up with a restaurant with a common public pool on the top site too. Every zona has a flowy passage and soulful arrangement.

The contoured land with a steep slope is a challenge for us. Not only how the building’s mass placement, but also the accessibility of the visitors. Moreover, the distance between the bottom and the top of the land is very far. In addition, land conditions are too extreme for pedestrians. Buggy becomes a solution. It is a small motorized vehicle designed for a particular purpose. In addition to facilitating access, the use of buggies can also provide an interesting experience for Tiga Resort guests.

For the compound design, we designed it with a circle shape to make it more flexible for the site. This form also makes the mass of the building feel more organic and integrated with the natural surroundings. We also support the completion of this design with the use of natural materials in each compound. We use asphalt as a roof covering, combined with wood for some parts of the building and white walls. The shape of the roof that follows the shape of the building mass makes each unit have a low roof. We deliberately do this so that visitors feel more intimate but at the same time they don’t feel confined. The 360-degree opening allows guests to freely enjoy the view – the sea, the forest, and the rice fields around the site. Some units are even added with a private pool in the front area of the compound. This becomes a place where you can enjoy all of the tropical west coasts of Krui.

A similar form is also applied to the Tiga Resort restaurant which is located on the upper land. If each compound consists of only one floor, this building consists of two floors. The lower floor is left open, while the upper floor is given a wall around it. This wall is also given a Lee Kwan Yie plants which makes it even more blending with the surrounding environment.

On the other hand, Tiga Resort also presents a presidential suite with the largest unit size and has the best view compared to other units. As the most special unit here, the building is also designed differently. The presidential suite is designed with a box-shaped mass and it looks more modern, including the materials used.

Even though it comes with a different design, the presence of the presidential suite seems to complement the other compounds. This also further strengthens Tiga Resort’s design concept. An integration between tropical vibes and modern concepts is poured into this resort as well.