Satiya Villa

Tumbak Bayuh, Canggu

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer

Komang Yudi Suarjana

Design Team

Weliam , Putra Sastrawan, Yoga Dananjaya

Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


Ilham Firdaus

Structure Consultant


MEP Consultant

Wikenz Studio


KOMA Visualization


Danang Seta

Villa Satiya, an amazing private villa on 900 sqm of land near Canggu, Bali. This two-story building is designed in a contemporary architectural style that presents various traditional elements of Indonesian architecture, especially the roof. A unique roof which is then combined with a simple white-wall facade will grab our attention at first sight.

Inspired by the shape of a traditional Indonesian roof, this sloped roof is a collaboration between the client and Arkana Architects. Instead of a straight slope, we make it curved and stacked from one to another. The general shape comes from the client, then we collaborate with the logic of the structure. This is challenging; how the curved shape can be realized well, but still has an efficient structure.

Water flow and wood bending processes are the main concerns. Periodic inspections in the field are important so that everything goes according to the planned design. In the end, the roof of Villa Satiya comes with an iron structure, asphalt as the cover, and wood lumber for the ceiling. Therefore, the beauty of this roof can not only be enjoyed from the outside but also from inside the building. This concave rooftop effect is really amazing. Especially when combined with a modern-tropical clean look in Villa Satiya’s interior.

Unlike the closed facade of the building, Villa Satiya’s interior is designed to be open. It has big windows facing directly to the private garden with a nice infinity pool, and a rice paddy hill that offers an ever-changing stunning landscape. All sections of the villa are open toward the scenery.

The first floor consists of an open kitchen with a really tall brick wall that leads our eyes to the ceiling. Then, our client also wants the pool table to enjoy with their friends. Then there are two living rooms; the sunken living room and the L-shaped sofa facing the bookshelf. Interestingly, there is a surprise behind this bookshelf. It’s not only a bookshelf, but also a pivoting door that is connected to one bedroom. The entire space on the first floor was designed without a partition, making it wider. Natural water and sunlight can also enter freely in it.

On top of the living room, there is a great bridge structure that leads us to the bedrooms upstairs. The glass railing and the use of steel brackets make it look like there is no visible structure in there and do not interrupt the view. Because the view from the bridge is stunning! We can see the ceiling structure closer and it’s really interesting to see the shape. In addition, there is a balcony that has a floor-to-ceiling window. So we can see the living room, the swimming pool, the pool deck downstairs, also the beautiful rice field as well. It’s really interesting!

On the other hand, most of the rooms in Villa Satiya apply Japanese-style furniture. This is because our client has lived in Japan for a long time and wanted to bring that atmosphere to Villa Satiya. A nice pendant lights around the house. There are also other Japanese ornaments at several points. Further on, we also apply the Indonesian style here. We use an exposed brick in the bar pool to express the Balinese. Along with it, the Balinese style also comes up in the Villa Satiya main gate. Yet, we use the tegel tiles from Solo in some parts of the building to give a colorful touch to the space. Last but not least, there are Sukabumi tiles in the infinity pool.

Lastly, Villa Satiya is intended to have a modern feel but still in troduces Japanese and Indonesian styles to the concept.