AL Villa

Pererenan, Bali

Design DIrector

Lead Designer

Andika Surya Pramana

Design Team

Karina Utami, Weliam, Yoga Dananjaya

Landscape Designer

Adhiputra Landscape

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


I Wayan Eddy Artawan, S.T.

Structure Consultant

Denta Mandiri

MEP Consultant

I Wayan Kawiana


KOMA Visualization


Indra Wiras

AL Villa is a holiday villa designed with a tropical modern concept, located in Pererenan, Bali. The client came with a preliminary sketch of a square floor plan and wanted to emphasize the importance of airflow throughout the building. Additionally, the spatial requirements were minimal yet specific, focusing on essential living spaces. They requested a bedroom, a workspace, and a living area. The design aims to optimize each space for comfort and usability.

AL Villa incorporates open sides on both ends of the building to fulfill the client’s desire for optimal airflow. These open sides directly adjoin planting spaces, enhancing the natural ventilation throughout the villa. This strategic openness ensures that fresh air circulates freely, creating a comfortable and breezy indoor environment that aligns with the tropical modern concept.

The ground floor serves as the main living area, featuring a workspace, kitchen, dining room, and family room. These spaces are designed without partition walls, allowing for unobstructed airflow and fostering a sense of openness and connectivity. Meanwhile, the bedroom is placed on the second floor. A large void is incorporated into the design to further improve ventilation. This void facilitates the upward movement of air, ensuring that the second floor remains as cool and airy as the ground floor. The placement of the bedroom upstairs also offers a sense of
privacy and tranquility, away from the more communal spaces below. Additionally, the bedrooms on this level are designed with openings that provide views of the green areas, allowing residents to enjoy the lush and natural beauty surrounding the villa.

In terms of its architectural form, AL Villa boasts a simple design, derived from a square-shaped floor plan without any additional projections or subtractions. To prevent the structure from appearing monotonous, it is enveloped in a screen of wood. This wooden screen not only adds a layer of texture and visual interest but also integrates the building seamlessly with its tropical surroundings, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Besides, the wooden screen on the west side also reduces the intensity of direct sunlight exposure.

On the second floor, a broad wooden overhang has been incorporated. This overhang frames the upper level, creating the effect of a unique architectural accent, almost like a picture frame. This design element adds depth and character to the villa, distinguishing it from typical square buildings and providing a striking visual feature that catches the eye.

Beyond its aesthetic contribution, the wide overhang serves a functional purpose. It provides shade for the areas below, reducing the amount of direct sunlight that penetrates the interior spaces. This thoughtful design detail helps to moderate the indoor temperature, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable living environment while also reducing the reliance on artificial cooling methods. The combination of form and function in these elements exemplifies the villa’s integration of beauty and practicality in its tropical modern design.