De Moksha Villa

Tanah Lot-Bali

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer


Design Team

Komang Yudi Suarjana, Putra Sastrawan, Yoda Philo

Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


I Wayan Purya

Structure Consultant


MEP Consultant

AMEP Design



Indra Wiras

De Moksa (DM) Villa is a resort consisting of six units of typical villas. Located in Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali, all the buildings face the river. So, they offer a great vista and can become one of the main features of the resorts.

When the client came to us, they wanted to make a resort like a small universe. They dream of a resort that can be a source of life for everyone who visits and lives here. Our client is very concerned with mental health. Therefore, the design of the DM Villa also pays attention to the psychology of the guest. In addition to villas for living and restaurants, it is not surprising that DM Villa is also equipped with yoga and spa facilities.

To fulfill the client’s request, we also applied the tree concept in designing DM Villa. The pathway is likened to the branches, then the mass of the building is the leaves. Moreover, we use organic shapes and forms to strengthen the concept.

So, each building in DM Villa is designed with a circular shape. Each villa consists of a bedroom and a semi-outdoor bathroom. Then, we also designed large openings in each villa so that guests can enjoy the view of the river in front of them. Large openings allow morning sunlight to enter the room. Besides, it is used to maintain air circulation too. So, we can reduce the use of air conditioning. Moreover, it is also supported by a roof design that makes it have a high ceiling.

For the roof design, each villa has a roof shape in the form of various leaves. We also leave the steel frame as the roof structure exposed so that the building is not too massive. Then, the roof covering uses a bitumen roof or tile roof. This is a modern roof covering made of bitumen/asphalt. In addition to giving a luxurious and contemporary appearance, the Tegola roof is more flexible and easy to shape. Moreover, this material is also commonly used to make curved roof construction.

On the other hand, this material is also in line with one of the client’s concerns regarding eco-friendly. Tegola has a long service life so they can last longer. Not only that, but tegola also has excellent resistance, especially to extreme weather.

Then, DM Villa also applies other natural materials, such as wood and natural stone. This makes DM Villa feel more at one with nature and the green trees around it.

The application of natural materials with tegola roofs and organic shapes for building masses also appears in the restaurant design. This is the biggest crowd in DM Villa. The restaurant is designed with the concept of no surrounding walls. Then, the placement of the mass of the building was placed higher than the position of the other building masses. Its existence allows guests to enjoy a broader view of the DM Villa site.