Surf Camp

Bingin, Bali

Project Coordinator
Gathi Subekti

Project Architect
Weliam, Diandra Zahra

Architect Partner
Vincentius Nicko

Surf & Lifestyle Hotel is a building as a hotel function based on surfing community. It is categorized as a hotel with the facility of community center. Here, surfers are sharing experiences and they can be trained with the experienced surfers. The owner is an English man who loves to surf and have great conversations with the other surfers. This building is located in Bingin area, Bali, which surfers usually surf at Bukit Peninsula and Bingin Beach. 

Surf & Lifestyle Hotel was opened in Bali for the second time – the first building was in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. It brings all surfers together here at Surf & Lifestyle Hotel. In order to make it comfortable and fun for the guests, Surf & Lifestyle Hotel consists of 9 bedrooms, a living area with fire sunken and community center, a dining area, breakfast kitchen, a billiard area, a plunge pool and shallow pool, and a parking area for motorbikes and one shuttle car. The bedrooms are located on the second floor and have simple features, they are only a bed, a drawer, a table and chair. There is no TV or other devices inside the bedroom because the purpose of people coming to Swell Surf is to blend in and have insightful talks with new and like minded people.

The main facility of this building is the open-plan living area with fire sunken and community center. It is where surfers gather and share their life experiences, especially in surfing. The space filled with white floors and walls. Slim white rounded pillar are applied as they are lifting the living space. Fire sunken is placed on the lower level of the living space, making the space more intimate and warm. Not only lower, but the space around fire sunken is filled with simple sofas and bookshelves in it. There are also a ping pong table and billiard table to make the living space more fun and entertaining. 

The living space is connected to an outdoor swimming pool. There is a little pond to mark the spaces between living space and swimming pool. The swimming pool is surrounded by fresh plantation and an outdoor deck where people can hang together after taking a swim. The facade of the building are completed with the hanging plants and vertical wood boards. It creates a style of modern and Bali’s tropical. 

A community-based hotel for people who love to surf and gather around with other surfers. Surf & Lifestyle Hotel offers adventurous people to experience the surf coaching program, to share and exchange ideas about surfing, and to feel like a home where they can relax and have the best time in Bali.