Zanzibar House

Zanzibar – Tanzania

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer

Indra Wira Sasmita

Design Team

Daniel Deo Gratia

Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


I Wayan Eddy Artawan, S.T.

Structure Consultant

ANSCON Consultant & Engineering

MEP Consultant

Wikenz Studio


KOMA Visualization


Zanzibar House is a traditional mixed modern house in Zanzibar, Tanzania. It’s located far away from the crowd. So, it feels so tranquil.

This house consists of two building masses that accommodate different spatial functions. The right mass for the bedroom and pool. While there is an open living area with a bedroom and kitchen on the other side. Those masses are separated by a semi-outdoor circulation. We will walk along the building when we first enter Zanzibar House. At the same time, this circulation also gives us the freedom to go to the rooms in each building.

Interestingly, the two masses are designed with different roof shapes. One of the roofs uses a flat roof, then the other masses apply the traditional Zanzibar roof, namely the Makuti roof. Makuti is thatching made from sun-dried leaves of the coconut palm. It is widespread across East Africa because its design combines traditional and contemporary aspects. This is very much in line with the main concept of Zanzibar House. Furthermore, this roof can withstand sun, rain, wind, and other harsh environments. It provides insulation equal to or better than modern roof standards. Not only that, but it also has a signature look for its unique structures. So, we choose to let things be enjoyed by seeing the rustic-looking construction that adds character to the interior space. Moreover, we also decided to expose other building materials. One of them is a natural stone wall on one side of the dwelling. Then, the roof structure, openings, and furniture as well use wood with similar color tones to make it look harmonious. In addition, we also adjusted the selection of wall paint to the earth tone of the Zanzibar House design. We chose white. In addition, the selection of bright colors also makes the dwelling more spacious. It’s an aesthetically pleasing look!

At the same time, we also design each building mass with many openings and facing the pool. In addition to cross ventilation, the pool is also a view for our client at Zanzibar House. Moreover, they are a diver who often trains at home. So, we designed this swimming pool for diving practice.

The diving pool has a suitable depth for jumping into the water, following safety standards to avoid the risk of injury. It is designed with a square shape to give a modern and minimalist impression. In addition, this form can also maximize the use of this site.

We also use the depth of this diving pool to design the basement. A space that is used as a wine cellar. In addition, this basement is also designed with glass so that our clients can enjoy the depth of their own pool.

Then, the Makuti roof also makes the room under it have a high ceiling, and it gives pleasant air circulation, and spacious room for the living area as well. To make it different from the typical Makuti roof, we designed it to be two roofs that overlap each other. Then, under the front roof, we added a terrace that is accessible via a spiral staircase in the open living area. The existence of this terrace also allows residents to enjoy the front area of the residence.