Lemon & Ginger Villa

Ungasan - Bali

Design DIrector

Gathi Subekti

Lead Designer

Andika Surya

Design Team

Landscape Designer

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

Eco Consultant


Ilham Gusti Syahadat

Structure Consultant


MEP Consultant

Wikenz Studio


KOMA Visualization



Tropical architecture has always been the main concept for buildings by Arkana Architects, including Mocca Matcha Villa. Built on a 200 square meters area, this villa is designed based on the principles of tropical architecture. With a small footprint, we still want to maximize the existing space by presenting the widest possible feeling of space. That is our main concern when designing this villa.

Mocca Matcha Villa consists of two floors, with the ground floor designed as an open living. In this area, we deliberately opened three sides of the building. There weren’t even any windows or sliding doors. The first floor is left open to create a seamless integration between inside and outside space. Moreover, the interaction between the interior and the outdoor area is also one of the tropical architecture’s principles that must be presented in the building. Apart from appearing the feeling of a large space, the big openings also allow sunlight and wind to enter freely inside the building. Therefore, the first-floor area of Mocca Matcha Villa no longer requires an air conditioner. At the same time, the users can enjoy the garden and swimming pool without any obstruction.

In addition, every zona in it was left without a partition. In fact, we also provide a little space that is used as a terrace as a transitional space between the first-floor area and the garden. Again, this room is also not separated by walls or other partitions. The difference in it is only distinguished by their height, as well as the material and color of the floor. The first-floor area uses a material with a grayish-white color. Meanwhile, the terrace uses wood with a brownish color.

Towards the second floor, we designed a staircase without railings and steps that are in harmony with the terrace area. The absence of railings is also one of the solutions we did to create a broad feeling inside Mocca Matcha Villa. When designing on limited land, we always try to reduce barriers or walls that can be removed if possible.

In line with the open living area, the three bedrooms on the second floor also have large windows. Apart from allowing natural light to enter the room, the windows also allow guests to see the lush plants in the garden and the swimming pool below. Interestingly, there is an extended wall, then added wooden ornaments on the second-floor walls. Those are sunlight shading so that the amount of light entering the room is not excessive.

As a villa with a tropical architecture concept, we actually don’t use much wood here. Wood is only used for decorative elements or to provide contrast in space. Mocca Matcha Villa is dominated by brick walls with white paint. This is a solution to maximize the existing budget, but still, come up with a beautiful and functional design.