Warung Bamboo

Nusa Dua, Bali

Project Coordinator
Samuel Bonaventura

Project Architects
Wachyu Nugraha

Architecture Partner
Vincentius Nicko

Blessed with direct access to the beach, this project is part of Tijili Benoa Hotel facilities. The client brief was to design another dining facility beside the pool, separate to the breakfast area to serve both hotels guests and non-guests coming from the beach. The beach is rather calm, with water sport activities offered from various vendor.


In the beginning of design idea process, we proposed three major component; first is the site planning of the dining area. Instead of making it beside the pool, we proposed the layout to be completely facing the beach, while still get an access to the pool. This site planning will bring a much better visibility from the people passing by the beach, and therefore increase the chance to attract them. Second; we suggested the function not only to be as a dining place, but also as a beach club and an event space; this is a feasible idea, considering the leverage from direct access to the beach. Third, the material and shape, we proposed bamboo because it suits best with the beach activities and mood, and was trending to the market. As for the shape, since we were proposing bamboo material, automatically we also suggest a more fluid shape, in contrast with the existing hotel which is all rectangular and symmetric. The client approved all of the three proposals.


The layout is basically as simple centralised kitchen, serving 360 degree. We create this to make sure the kitchen would function to serve perfectly both guests from the hotel and guests passing by from the beach, and at the same time giving a flexible layout for events. This centralised kitchen is the only part enclosed, the rest of the area is an open plan. 


The shape of the roof is an eye curved like, and when it is seen from the pool area, it will create a full eye shape.