TB Villa

Pererenan, Bali

Project Coordinator
Gathi Subekti

Project Architects
Indra Wiras

Structure Consultant

MEP Consultant
AMEP Design

Putu Oka

TB Villa is a manifestation of our client’s need and our design to a house or villa function. In the middle of other houses’ area, the villa is located in Perenenan, Bali, with the area of 2 hectares. The fence is simply made from wire-shaped metal iron. The villa adopts the concept of urban modern tropical style. It has one carport with the wall barrier of paving stones. It has a unique canopy made with metal iron. The canopy gives a deep of spatial sense with the row of woods put horizontally. 


As this villa is applied for privacy purposes, we paid attention to every aspect of our client’s needs. Our client loves to put some traditional elements of Bali to be shown at his villa, so we decided to put local material, the paving stones, on the facade. Besides the wall barrier between carport and swimming pool, we put the paving stones on side facade facing the swimming pool. It creates a material’s continuity on the facade. The facade itself has a unique form – there are some additions of wall covering the windows. It creates an impression of prominent spaces with the touch of modern style. These parts are not only beautifying the building, it is actually protecting the indoor spaces from direct sun. The walls are covered plainly from the outside but we use the woods for covering the inside to align them with the warmth of local materials.


TB Villa has two floors and the facilities that consist of three bedrooms, an open-plan living, a swimming pool, a garden, and outdoor area. We decided to use a half of two hectares for the building area and the rest two hectares for the green area. Seeing every facility that we design, the bedrooms contain a master bedroom and two regular bedrooms. The bathroom has different ambiance with other spaces in this villa. The barriers were using hexagon tiles to offer the guests a more natural bathroom yet felt uniquely different. 


The spaces inside have a concept of open-plan space. When guests are coming at the first room, they will be in a spacious open living space. Unconsciously they met by two options between living space and stairs that led them to the second floor. A border wall between living space and stairs is the application not only as a literal barrier, but also as a connector. It covered by the material local of paving stones, as the material is used for the facade and wall barrier outside. We want to make the spaces connected with the repetitive usage of materials, so the guests feel familiar from one space to another. Woods are used for the ceiling in the living space, bringing back the local feels. But, we mainly use terrazzo for the floors to balance the color of deep brown woods. There is also a powder room and a storage on the first floor. The living space is akin with the swimming pool with the size of 8×4 sqm and green areas. The green areas can be used for barbeque’s activity with outdoor surroundings. 


The building has a simple shield-shaped roof. The roof is simply to cool the air inside the building, but we want it hidden from the building sight. Then, we hide the roof by covering it with facade walls rounding the roof. As a result, the villa looks clean and modern, yet it embraces the material locals of woods and paving stones as they are easily connected with nature. Starting from March 2020, this project will take 9 months to build.