Spice Mantraa & NOAA Social Dining

Petitenget, Seminyak – Bali

Land Area

Site Area

Project Coordinator
Gathi Subekti

Project Architect
Wachyu Nugraha

Interior Partner
Ricky Sunur & Mala Silviany

Structure Consultant

MEP Consultant
AMEP Design


KIE Photograph

The clients, 7 people who invested in the business, came to us with the following brief; to design 2 stories building for an international style dining and a signature Indian restaurant with total capacity of 200 guests. Our clients also enquired 3 retail spaces that will be opened for rent. The site is located at a catchy turn on jalan Petitenget, Bali, surrounded by 5 stars resorts, hotels, beach clubs, and retail shops. 


Given the commercial value of the site, we understand that the design needs to be remarkable yet buildable and easy on maintenance. Furthermore, we worked closely with their kitchen consultant to meet the specific requirements for the restaurant.


The facade is divided into three separate notions, which is reflected on the plan. The first part encompasses retail spaces, kitchen area which served both restaurants, office, toilet and the signature Indian restaurant. Retail spaces occupy the front facade while the back of the house neatly tucked in behind. The second part encompasses the bar; the heart of the design and dining area. The third part encompasses terrace dining, a deliberate single story semi-outdoor space to differentiate between the site and pedestrian. We also add a perforated wall to give more privacy for guests dining. The main materials used are black steel structure, clear glass, and grey polished concrete.


The first floor belongs to Noaa Social Dining. A luxurious bar welcoming the guests straight from the entrance, with double height backdrop wall of patterned terracotta brick and brass soaring gallantly. Intentionally designed to attract people that pass by the street to attend the restaurant.


The experience continues to a terrace dining area. We placed a tree inside the space and inserted a small garden on the side. Here, we used a different floor material and glass roof to emphasize a semi-outdoor experience. 


Spice Mantraa, the signature Indian restaurant is located on the second floor with its own entry access. Located 5m above the first floor, we designed the steps at 15cm, just the right degree of slope for people to climb the stair comfortably. We used black steel string on the side of the stairs, in harmony with the building structure, and arranged pendant light inside.  

Interior played an important role in our design, we introduced color, pattern, and festive shade to achieve a space experience that we’d like to create. Color; inspired by colorful spices of India; we brought natural and earthy color such as red, orange, yellow, and green. Its being applied on the ceiling of Spice Mantraa, where we installed a natural waving bamboo rolls, soft furnishing of dining chairs, and the tablecloth. Pattern; we decided to only use one pattern, which is a star anise with thoughtful consideration. The black steel and clear glass created a strong line to the space, we’d like to keep the overall space not too busy and in harmony with one another. To bring a festive shade, we used brass and copper, both shines like a grand festival. We used brass on bar backdrop wall, on stairs pendant, on hanging light in Spice Mantraa, and on decorative light in Noaa Social Dining.