Pejeng Villa

Pejeng, Gianyar – Bali

Project Coordinator
Gathi Subekti

Project Architects
Wachyu Nugraha

Structure Consultant

MEP Consultant
AMEP Design

Ilham Firdaus

KOMA Visualization

Villa is uniquely located in the middle of traditional villages in the area of Ubud, Bali. The location is not far from Ubud, so visitors who want to experience the ambiance of Ubud without intersecting with the crowd of tourists, this villa area is a perfect place for them. The entrance is easy to be accessed. Once visitors found the front entrance, there is a green landscape towards the villa so visitors who have cars don’t have to deal with a narrow road to park their cars. 


There are two main function and separated buildings, a lobby and the villa units. The lobby has two floors with the facilities of reception space on the first floor and a multi-function room on the second floor. The visitors are invited to come to the reception space with clear windows. There are two types of openness, clear windows and wood screen windows. A multi-function room is used mostly for workshops, such as cooking classes. It is also usually used for yoga classes. The wood screen windows can be easily open for the activities inside so the airflow is working well. 


Whereas the villa units are placed behind the lobby building. After the lobby, visitors are welcomed with the simple pond which is located between the parking space and the villa units. Before going into the villa, there is a small hallway accompanied with wood fences and plantation. The villas have a strongly standout shape compared with the other houses in the village. Every villa building has a triangle roof shape blended with the interiors. There are two types of villas, the one with the mezzanine floor and the one with only a single floor. The mezzanine-type of the villa consists of a bedroom and a living space. The single floor only consists of a bedroom.


The spaces are filled with warm materials, such as woods. It is mixed with the white walls to balance the colors naturally. The ceiling is covered with wood parquets up until the shape of the roof. The roof is not all covered by the closed material, there are some parts which are replaced with glass materials–and this technique is for inserting sunlight into the indoor spaces. The bathroom has an efficient spa. It has a concept of semi-outdoor. The bathtub part is intentionally opened to blend it with nature. All the spaces are filled with natural elements, letting the sunlight plays between the walls, and creating a solid warmth. Moreover, the spaces are connected with a swimming pool and natural surroundings by applying all the glass walls on the back facade so the view is adequately satisfying.


Every villa unit has a private swimming pool. Visitors are spoiled with the sufficient and comfortable facilities of Pejeng Villa. A tropical-modern villa area surrounded by lush plantation and a perfect view of paddy fields. It creates a true serenity in the middle of Ubud’s traditional village.