Origin Villa

Seminyak – Bali

Project Coordinator
Gathi Subekti

Project Architect
Diandra Zahra

Architect Partner
Vincentius Nicko

Ade Bhargawa

Seminyak is one of the parts in the west coast of Bali, Indonesia. An area that is filled with beach resorts and high-end facilities as shopping centers and restaurants. People come to visit Seminyak to stay at the luxuriously calming resorts or villas and experiencing the Bali’s true atmosphere. One of the tranquilizing villas is Origin Villa.


Origin Villa is an outcome of renovation process. It is a Seminyak based villa that has a walking distance area from the villa to every visitor’s needs, from beaches to great restaurants nearby. It is included as a compound villas and consists of six villa units. As architects, we want to renovate this villa to have a fresher look and following what the visitor’s needs are. We want to keep it clean and cozy, so for a fresher look concept we use mostly white elements in every space. The front entrance uses white walls and authentic Bali’s front gate to welcome the guests. Once they come inside, it has a different level of surroundings compared to the small road guests are coming from. 


We specifically renovated the facades, interiors, and the local-based furnitures. The front door is decorated with a white canopy that creates natural line shadows beneath it. There are small steps higher to the villa, embracing the guests’ arrival. Furthermore, the facades are using conwood boards and installed vertically – forming a neat impression. In addition, the walls are also white with the cover of rustic light grey paint. 


The facilities include bedrooms, swimming pool living space, dining and kitchen, and fitness room. Every room filled with the local-natural furniture except the fitness room. Bali is well known for its artisanal creation. We insert furniture that have the natural and sustainable materials like rattan, teak, and bamboo. We also used local designers, craftsmen and artisans to create a sense of tropical space. The bedrooms are simpler. The elegance of brown provides a perfect background for the classy white bed and creates a mild sight. Glass windows on the bedroom can make the guests directly see the swimming pool. Bathrooms are categorized as the same with the bedrooms, simpler with some tropical elements to accentuate ‘Bali’ in the space.


Moving on to the living space, it has a spacious area with lower ceiling to make it wider as our eyes are sweeping through the room. The accent of rattan materials beautify the living space and emphasizes the spaces wholly. The living space is connected to the swimming pool and outdoor lounge without any barrier. The outdoor lounge area is simply cozy and the sea breeze keeps you cool without needing to have beachfront view. A harmonious villa filled with the balance of minimalist tropical design and raw materials and textiles.