Desa Hay


Project Coordinator
Gathi Subekti

Team design
Dwi prasetya

Project Architects
Wachyu Nugraha

Structure Consultant

MEP Consultant
AMEP Design

Wayan Purya

KOMA Visualization

Desa Hay is a complex of villas. It is located in Canggu, Pererenan, where tourists usually visit in Bali. The client of Desa Hay reached us and wanted to have rental villas and his own private house. The villas are located at the front of the site and the private house is located at the back of the site. These two functions of the buildings have different design and style. 

The villas are embracing the concept of traditional. Bali has always been magnificent with its cultures, nature, and its traditional architecture. From that perspective, we want to initiate the Bali’s genuine setting into these villas. Surrounded by rice fields, Desa Hay start from the complex’s front entrance and guests will walk through pathway made from natural stones as if they will feel guided by nature. There are wood fences as they walk beside it before going to the villa’s entrance. Considering to save up some energy, the villas’ front area is guided by canopy above the pathway which is a solar system. 

Desa Hay consists of six villas in a bungalow-shaped. Every villa is separated by lush plantation. The entrance of the villa is precisely like the Bali’s traditional front gate, making the guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Every villa has the facilities of a bedroom, a semi-outdoor bathtub, and a private tool. The private pool uniquely place at the front of the villa. The building has windows that can be opened so people can see the private pool and nature’s view nicely. We want to bring the outside in, so we decided to put the bathtub beside the building with the condition of not having the walls around it. It is still safe from the outer sight because we use a lot of tall lush plantations and keep the surroundings calmingly green and fresh. The roof of the villa is the modification of traditional Indonesian roof generally, yet we still insert the modern style to make it balance from the early concept. 

Desa Hay has more facilities than just complex villas. It has a public pool, an outdoor area, and a restaurant. The restaurant has the concept of Joglo building with the precise four big columns inside, where people can eat breakfast and dinner. Moreover, it can be used for the activity of barbecuing. The outdoor area is placed between the first three villas with the rest three villas. The outdoor area can be used for small gatherings and private weddings. The complex villa area is uniquely convenient for people who are craving for exclusive leisure moment with true Bali’s nature surroundings. A perfect getaway with the touch of Ubud’s peaceful atmosphere where people come to enjoy their private time. 

Another function of this Desa Hay area is the private house for the owner. Separated with the villas, it is a modern tropical style house, which has a different concept of the villas. The house uses steels and woods as the main structure. The roof is also distinct from the villas – it has a flat-roof. The facilities inside the house are 3 bedrooms, a private pool, a private court, and a deck. It is intentionally taking place behind the villas’ area so the owner can have his private and serene moment at the house.