White House

A home is where the heart is. We want to actualize the client’s vision about their home. A place for their daily needs and daily activities. The family love the idea of a modern design, but would also like to be reminded that they are at a home in Bali. The design highlight is the insufficient space to mingle and to do the communal activities, such as cooking and dining. We want to present a clean and a modern look in the daytime, with a color choice of material in dominantly white and grey. The bright color will help the space to be more capacious. To add the warmth ambience during night time, we combine the dominant palette with the creamy color and wood flooring material. For the space experience, we produce a semi open space. It is to minimize the use of air conditioning and maximize the cross ventilation, as well as directing sunlight inside the buliding with the help of large voids and openings.

Project Data

  • Location: Banjar Semer, Bali

  • Building area: 150 sqm

  • Site area: 80 sqm

In partnership with

  • Stefani Alouw

  • Maria Stephanie

  • Tifani Sari