Umara House

Private House at Umalas Street, Umalas.

The client came to us bringing two lots of land which she purchased from a developer with total area of 153 sqm. The brief was to create a private residence for a single person, while maintaining the possibility to rent/ sell both lots together or separately in the future. Our client comes from F&B background, she loves to cook and hunting for furnitures and home decorative item. Besides that, she would also like to be involved in the making of her home; interior and decorative items are supplied by herself. Our involvement came mostly in creating the space and acting as the design partner.

We create a simple 6.4×10.23m rectangular plan, with two sides of the building adhere to the boundary walls; while the pathway, terrace, and garden covers the remaining of ground floor area. If the client decides to sell both lots separately in the future, this configuration will maintain the house with enough outdoor for terrace and garden. A second floor is created to fit all space requirements from the client. The ground floor is a living and social activities area; while the upper floor is a private area.

The ground floor is an open plan with a bathroom, laundry, storage, and kitchen neatly spread in the sides. A floor to ceiling glass sliding doors and windows are used along the long side of the building, overlooking to the garden. This house has an extensive outdoor since we leave the other lot as a garden.

The upper floor, consist of two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms; a lean slice is made for dry garden in between. The guest room could be used as a home office when the client has no guest staying in. We installed floor to ceiling windows opposite to both bedrooms so when all windows are open it will merge both bedrooms and create one larger area with indoor dry garden. The ceiling is following the shape of the roof intended to create a better space experience. How is the ceiling creating a better space experience? Firstly; by following the shape of the roof it creates a higher and therefore a larger space. Secondly; it makes the windows shape more interesting, by creating an uneven triangle shape instead of a regular rectangular shape. Thirdly; the angled ceiling is a better reflector for light. We use an indirect lighting strip along the side of the bedrooms, and the angled ceiling reflect the light better than flat ceiling. The upper floor facade is covered completely with wood stripe; this accentuate the private area separation and bring more warmth into the house. The wooden stripes facade also blends well with the exposed brick wall outside and is more appealing to look at for the neighbors.

The roof for dry garden is using a clear glass; we leave some area completely open. The glass roof is also applied on the side of the stairs, and both bathrooms. Glass windows are installed on both sides of the building which are not adhered to the boundary walls. These elements ensure a lot of natural lighting and a good airflow even though two sides of the building are adhered to the boundary walls. Materials used including terrazzo for floor, parquet in the bedrooms, loose pebbles in dry garden, iron wood for terrace, exposed brick wall, white painted walls and ceilings, dark brown aluminium frame for doors & windows, and wood stripes in facade. This natural palette is intended for our client to be more creative in exploring the interior and decorative items of the house.

Project Data

  • Location : Umalas, Bali

  • Site Area : 251 m²

Project Coordinator

  • Samuel Bonaventura

Project Architect

  • Indra Wira Sasmita

Structure Consultant

  • Anscon Consultant & Engineering

MEP Consultant

  • A-MEP Design


  • Segaris

3D Artist

  • Agung Rifqi Archviz

Main Contractor

  • PT. Bali Poetro Soediro