Umalas Hostel

We accept a hostel design challenge from our client. The vision for the hostel is to welcome the low cost travelers, where they can gather around and still have the luxury look. The biggest challenge from this hostel is the limited site area. Studying about the habits of backpackers and a hostel, we understand that the basic characteristics for backpackers is communal. A common area is what they need and want. We develop the concept of the hostel as a sharing room hostel with the bed bunker idea. It is so the limited site are won’t cause much problem. Later on, one room can fit either 2, 4, or 8 person. Adapting the dynamic flow of the back packers, we also integrate the dynamic into our design. We play along with the facade design, the mass organization, and even the circulation design.

Project Data

  • Location: Umalas, Bali

  • Site Area: 300 sqm

In partnership with

  • Gathi Subekti