Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-Resort

Sebatu, a 10 minutes away from the famous Tegallalang Rice Terrace, is an adequate and peaceful area of Bali, and a home for the sacred waterfalls. It holds a strong and deep bond with the nature, which is the reason we decided to preserve the nature.

The challenging C-shape land will be a jungle themed sanctuary that provides a total of 6 villas with a public restaurant and swimming pool, and an addition of a private home for the client.

To support the concept, we utilize less heavy structural and concrete material for the overall building. Thus, using wooden houses and tents for the villa and the restaurant. The organic-form swimming pool integrates a bio pool system, where it can support lives for the fishes and make the water drinkable. The most interesting thing was a solar tree, an artificial tree with solar-integrated leaves that can store energy into the batteries, thus reducing the operational cost. At its cost, the sanctuary reconnects man with nature.

Project Data

  • Location: Sebatu, Bali

  • Site Area: 2,900 sqm

Project Coordinator

  • Samuel Bonaventura

Project Architect

  • Weliam

  • Maria Stephanie

In partnership with

  • Frangipani 6

  • Escape Nomad

  • Alam Santi Sustainable Living Design