Olifant School

Building as the Second Teacher

Olifant School is a National Plus kindergarten and elementary school located in Yogyakarta. We started the project by obtaining the client’s visions, where they believe that Olifant should expand because it systems a good curriculum. The school expects the students to get the best quality education with an atmosphere that matches to their education levels: kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school.

The project purpose is to renovate the kindergarten area and add the junior and high school functions.

We translate that vision to a few design points. We create a thematic playground for the kindergarten to boost their creativity skills. In contrast, the middle and high school have a ‘moving class’ system where we focus more on the functionality. To wrap them together, we also implement in several aspects of the green building to raise the environmental awareness from the young age. And lastly, we produce an attractive façade, depicting the young and imaginative people.

In the end, Olifant School will become the iconic building in town with the concept of “Building as a Second Teacher” to create a young generation who are confident, creative, and has a leadership.

Visit the website here to see the school!

Project Data

  • Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Building Area: 8.900 sqm

  • Site Area: 4.940 sqm

In collaboration with

  • Samuel Bonaventura, Natalia Ratih, Hardi Kusuma Yudha, Brian Nugroho, Hendro Prasetyo

  • Landscape Designer : The Frangipani 6

  • Structure Consultant : Anscon Consultant & Engineering

  • MEP Consultant : Anindito Nurprabowo